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Model: CUWLXBI89
The Dynam Seawind is a very unique aircraft as it is a seaplane with its motor mounted off the front of its very large rudder. It is made from foam and the nose and hull come covered with plastic which protect the aircraft whilst landing on any surface. The Dynam Seawind also comes with an optional ..
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Model: C7N5LE526
HF-i3 Standard tail EPP hand throwing glider airplane. Simple construction makes assembly quick and easy, so you can get flying faster! It's also a good present for children or a friend. Just come and get it!Features:Fuselage and wing are made of environmental EPP lightweight material, super strong ..
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Model: CFJVY8C45
This HF-Z4 is a super lightweight fixed-wing biplane which weighs only 24g. It's lightweight and mini size makes it easy to fly both indoor and outdoor, and provides more than 10 minutes flight time. It's a perfect gift to children and also for fixed-wing beginners to have fun and for professionals'..
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Model: CTVDAEZ88
The Unique P-51 features a larger cockpit with ejection seats, more powerful engine, and a host of structural improvements. It has been used by numerous countries as a advanced trainer aircraft. The fully molded EPO airframe goes together quickly and easily with a minimal of fuss, only a couple of h..
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Model: CYF0R7G94
This Plug and play version of the PT-17 is constructed from ultra durable EPO foam, and beautifully painted in an accurate to era scheme. Being plug and fly, the servo, motor and ESC are all pre-installed, meaning less time on the bench and more time in the air! Both wings are reinforced with dual c..
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Model: CP09UR270
Our T-50 also uses a single electric ducted fan unit, though the airframe is composed entirely of foam. A host of nice features include a remotely operated canopy that opens and closes from your transmitter, plus working retracts with gear doors. Assembly is quite quick, just glue the wing panes and..
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Model: CGTOPZB48
This U-BOY with a wingspan of 8500mm, this mini-sized airplain is ideal for beginning fliers. This plane comes with two installed servos, a 30A ESC, and a 2204-2300KV brushless motor. The added advantage of a landing wheel is to help protect the foam, which makes it a perfect choice for you. Simple ..
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Model: CGMZG4T46
We used to play with paper planes when we were young. They can fly like sliding in the sky. Now we are introducing you a newly presented plane, which flies as beautiful as a paper plane, but this time you can control it!! It is a palm size aeroplane with infra-red control. Materials made with very l..
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Model: CX70V0X92
The V761-1 CESSNA Trainstar airplane is a mini RC airplane ever offered by VolantexRC. Easy for a beginner to operate because it is lightweight yet has a sturdy construction. The 2.4Ghz radio control system and 6-axis gyro will make the fly more stable and you can easy to control the plane. Plus it'..
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Model: CA39BWA20
The 747-1 CESSNA airplane is the most intelligent RC airplane ever offered by VolantexRC. Thanks to the professional airfoil design that makes RC flight incredibly easy, even for the least experienced user. With its smooth flight capability battles windy conditions, all your control feeling is smoot..
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Model: CATOTK228
The Ranger is an airplane specially designed for beginners. Quick and very easy to setup. Ranger offers many qualities that every pilot looks forward to have in his or her RC Plane. It has bigger tougher EPO fuselage that makes this plane a crash resistant plane, tons of open space to let bigger han..
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Model: C9MQ22E26
VolantexRC V765-2 glider is a good size for beginners to start in RC airplane. With very high value in price and good wind resistance ability makes it be a perfect choice. Even for the inexperienced user. With its smooth flight performance, all your control feeling is smooth and responsive. Requirin..
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